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The Importance Of Intent

Having a background as a musician, I have found myself constantly drawing comparisons between my experience and training as a musician with learning and writing code. Lately, I’ve been increasingly contemplating the importance of detail as the demands of my projects increase. While listening to Glenn Gould’s recordings of the “Well-Tempered Clavier”, I was reminded of how transcendent music can be, but that this transcendence is not created because of some God-given/genetic-based/whatever-your-beliefs-are talent, rather a product of hard work, diligent attention to detail, and unwavering discipline in pursuit of one’s concept of perfection.

Some React/Redux Project Tips From A Cat Dad

Ah, the final project for Flatiron’s curriculum. It’s truly the final countdown. React is an incredible tool, in tandem with Redux, that has arguably revolutionized the way people interact with web applications. Because of it’s ability to update the page/screen at any given time through use of a virtual DOM, React allows for web applications that seem much more natural and fluid in responses to input.

Quirky Bits of JS: Scope and Hoisting

Because of the way in which the JavaScript language functions (and the primary context in which it does so, via a web browser), it brings with it a fair number of oddities which appear in very few other object-oriented programming languages. While the main intent of this post will be to discuss some of the issues one may encounter in JavaScript in relation to scope and hoisting, I would like to preface that with a (somewhat) brief review of variables and functions

Ohhhh, JavaScript....

Where to even start with this project. Unlike the previous Rails project, the addition of JavaScript to my existing application proved to be a big challenge. Largely due to the history of its creation, I knew that JavaScript could be a bit finnicky, but some of the issues I found myself fixing were very unexpected.

The Odyssey That Was My First Rails App

Well, many moons later and after several figurative oceans crossed, I’ve finally built my first Rails app, a site called Adopt Don’t Shop (yes, taken from the hashtag).